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Session 1  -  Direct Detection of Cosmic-Ray Positrons

Direct detection of cosmic-ray positrons - Mirko Boezio

Positron and Antiproton Measurements in the Cosmic Rays with the PAMELA Space Experiment - Emiliano Mocchiutti

Anisotropy studies in cosmic ray electron/positron flux with the  PAMELA satellite - Ugo Giaccari

Cosmic-Ray Positron Measurement with the Fermi-LAT - Warit Mitthumsiri

Session 2  -  Positron and Positronium Scattering

Positron and Positronium scattering and annihilation in atomic and molecular systems - Michael Charlton

Recent experiments on positronium negative ions - Y. Nagashima

Collisions of Positrons and Positronium with Atoms and Molecules - Simon Brawley

Session 3  - Astrophysical Sources of Galactic Positrons

Astrophysical sources of Galactic positrons - Nikos Prantzos

Positron generation in the magnetospheres of neutron stars - Ya.N. Istomin

Wide-Band Spectra of Magnetar Persistent and Burst Emission - Y.E. Nakagawa

Electron-positron plasmas in large-scale cosmic structures: origin, evolution and interaction  - Sergio Colafrancesco

Session 4  - Other Aspects of Positron-matter Interactions  

Positron annihilation on atomic core electrons and in positive ions - Dermot G. Green

Positron annihilation in a superstrong magnetic field - Jerzy Dryzek

Plans for a laboratory electron-positron plasma experiment - Thomas Sunn Pedersen

Session 5  -  Low-Energy Positron-Matter Interactions

Theory of low-energy positron-matter interactions - Gleb Gribakin

Bound states of positron with nitrile species with several multi-component molecular theories - Masanori Tachikawa

Close-coupling approach to positron-atom collisions - Igor Bray

Implications of Feshbach resonances for molecular annihilation spectra of astrophysical relevance - Cliff Surko

Session 6   -   Antimatter in Cosmic Rays

Antimatter search in Cosmic Rays - Roberto Battiston

Probing the CR e+e- ratio at the TeV regime through Moon shadow observation with atmospheric Cherenkov telescopes - Pierre Colin

A Novel Electromagnetic Calorimeter for a Balloon Borne Spectrometer - Alexander Howard

Session 7   -   Antihydrogen

Trapped Antihydrogen : A new frontier in fundamental physics - Niels Madsen

Positron and positronium for the GBAR experiment - Laszlo Liszkay

Calculations of antihydrogen loss from collisions with hydrogen and Helium  - Svante Jonsell

AEGIS: testing the WEP with a pulsed cold beam of antihydrogen - Michael Doser

Session 8  -   Annihilation Detection

The AX-PET experiment: A demonstrator for an axial Positron Emission Tomography - Chiara Casella

A Scintillation-Solid State Det. as the Perspective Tool for Registration of Beams of HE Particles in Visible and IR Region - A. Maltsev

Positronium: our spy to the Mirror World  -  Paolo Crivelli

Session 9  -   Galactic e-e+ Annihilation

Observation of Galactic e-e+ Annihilation Radiation - Roland Diehl

Can positrons from Sgr A* produce the 511 keV emission in the galactic bulge?  - Pierre Jean

The INTEGRAL search for 511 keV emission line from Galactic X-ray binaries - Giovanni De Cesare

The 511 keV sky as seen by INTEGRAL/SPI, CGRO-OSSE and GRS/SMM combined - Gerry Skinner

Session 10   -   Antimatter from Dark or Domestic Matter

Positrons and antiprotons from dark matter - Pierre Salati

Interacting dark matter contribution to the Gal. 511 keV gamma ray signal: constraining the morphology of SPI observations - A. Vincent

A local contribution to the Galactic 511 keV annihilation radiation - Nidhal Guessoum

Session 11  -  Positron and Positronium Interactions with Solids

Positron and positronium interactions with condensed matter  - Paul G. Coleman

Positronium formation, cooling and emission into vacuum from porous silica at low temperature - R.S. Brusa

Laboratory experiments with the high-intensity low-energy positron beam POSH: Positronium emission from oxides -Stephan Eijt

Application of e+ annihilation lifetime spectroscopy for the evaluation of the size of the free space in porous materials - T. Hyodo

Session 12  -  Terrestrial and Extraterrestrial Positrons

A direct observation of positrons with an astrophysics instrument - Michael S. Briggs

Runaway positrons in magnetized plasmas - Tünde Fülöp

Annihilation Radiation in Solar Flares and Supernova Remnants - Charles Dermer

Positron science with the Soft Gamma-ray Detector onboard ASTRO-H and future Compton telescope missions  - Hirokazu Odaka

Session 13  -  Baryon Asymmetry

Why does the Universe contain matter? - John Ellis

Session 14  -  Future instruments for Observing e-e+ Radiation

Broad band Laue lenses for deep studies of the 511 keV celestial  annihilation line - Filippo Frontera

Curved crystals as high-reflectivity components of a Laue lens to focus the 511-keV annihilation line - Guidi

NCT Goals and Performance  in Mapping the Galactic Positron Emission - Alexander Lowell

What's next in the observation of Gal e+ Annihilation ? - Peter von Ballmoos

Poster Session

P1 - The 511 keV Emission and the Past Higher Activity of the Galactic Center Black Hole - A.Totani

P2 - The matter content of active galactic nuclei jets - Roland Walter et al.

P3 - Monte Carlo simulations of propagation and annihilation of nucleosynthesis positrons in the Galactic disk - Anthony Alexis  et al.

P4 - Galactic annihilation emission from nucleosynthesis positrons - Pierrick Martin et al.

P5 - Early Laboratory Astrophysics Experiments on Positron Annihilation in diffuse H2 and He - Ben Brown

P7 - Plans for laboratory pair plasma diagnostics - X. Sarasola  et al.

P8 - A Simple Monte Carlo Approach to the Diffusion of Positrons in Gaseous Media - M.Girardi-Schappo et al.

P9 - In-situ observation of near-surface structural changes in water ice films during sublimation by positron beam spectroscopy - S. Townrow

P10 - Correlation of pick-off annihilation cross section and the collisional  cross section for Ps-atom/molecule collisions - K. Wada & T. Hyodo

P11 - Low energy positron-methane scattering - W. Tenfen  et al.

P13 - Measurement of the photodetachment cross section of positronium negative ion - K. Michishio et al.

P14 - Synthesis of Cold Antihydrogen in a Cusp Trap for Hyperfine Transition Experiments - Dan Murtagh et al.

P15 - AD-ELENA, The Low Energy Antiproton Facility at CERN - G. Tranquille

P16 - How to find positrons in space - Ya.N. Istomin  et al.

P18 - Simulation study of the 511 keV annihilation Line Observation with the Soft Gamma-ray Detector onboard ASTRO-H - Yuto Ichinohe

P19 - Large-Volume Cadmium Zinc Telluride Detectors for Future Astrophysical Instrumentation - Michelle L. Galloway  et al.

P20 - Proposal for a Laue lens tuned on the 511-keV annihilation line - A. Camattari  et al.

P21 - Towards multi-photon ionization of Positronium: Ps formation in porous silica - S.L. Andersen et al.