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End of the school...thank you everyone for taking part ! The two group pictures can be downloaded here and here.


All PDF presentations are now available in the program section(click on titles) and will remain there for several years

Aims & Topics

Plasma astrophysics aims at understanding the multiscale dynamics and thermal evolution of many astrophysical systems ranging from our local solar environment to clusters of galaxies. The next decades hold exciting promises for many in that field, as unprecedented combinations of modern experimental, observational, numerical and theoretical approaches should make it possible for decisive breakthroughs on long-standing plasma physics problems to be achieved, with far-reaching consequences for our understanding of the Universe.

The primary objective of this school will be to prepare this future by offering the current generation of PhD students, postdocs and researchers in various subfields of astrophysics an exhaustive series of lectures and reviews by leading scientists on most theoretical, experimental, numerical and observational aspects of plasma astrophysics. The school will also provide a unique opportunity to discuss future experiments and models that will help to quantitatively address key questions in the field.

School poster