GLPULSE3D is a program designed to simulate/visualize a pulsating star in 3 dimension (3D). Its main purpose is to provide a versatile, easy-to-use tool aimed at educational and public demonstrations. However, the code may also be useful for your research activities in stellar pulsations or asteroseismology, because it can display eigenfunctions computed with pulsation codes applied to realistic stellar models. Examples of oscillations occuring in various types of stars are provided in the package. GLPULSE3D is written in C and uses OpenGL to exploit the accelerated 3D rendering capabilities of current GPUs.

This program is distributed under the General Public License. Feel free to install and use it at your convenience. You can also modify the source code to suit better your needs if you wish to do so (or you could suggest improvements that may be implemented in future versions of GLPULSE3D). In any case, mentioning appropriate acknowledgements for this program would be greatly appreciated.

The source code for the latest version (version 1.0.0; 2012 April 18) is available here.

Instructions to compile the code and documentation for running it can be found here.

See also screenshots and videos.

Contact: Stephane Charpinet

Copyright (c) Stephane Charpinet (IRAP, CNRS / Université de Toulouse)1 under GPLv3

Special thanks to: M. Takata (University of Tokyo)1, A. Hui Bon Hoa (IRAP), G. Fontaine & P. Brassard (Université de Montreal), V. Van Grootel (Université de Liège)1, G. Vauclair & S. Vauclair (IRAP)1

1 also KITP (UCSB, Santa Barbara), as parts of this code were inspired/developed during the "Asteroseismology in the Space Age" KITP program (Sept. - Dec. 2011).

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