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Poster session

posters were on display during the entire workshop in the lobby

The 511 keV Emission and the Past Higher Activity of the Galactic Center Black Hole

  1. T.Totani

Search for e-e+ annihilation radiation from the Virgo Region

Roland Walter et al.

Monte Carlo simulations of propagation and annihilation of nucleosynthesis positrons in the Galactic disk

Anthony Alexis et al.

Galactic annihilation emission from nucleosynthesis positrons

Pierrick Martin et al.

Resonance phenomena in heavy nuclei collisions and structurization of positron spectrum

A.V. Glushkov

Plans for laboratory pair plasma diagnostics

  1. X.Sarasola et al.

A Simple Monte Carlo Approach to the Diffusion of Positrons in Gaseous Media

M.Girardi-Schappo et al.

In-situ observation of near-surface structural changes in water ice films during sublimation by positron beam spectroscopy

S Townrow

Correlation of pick-off annihilation cross section and the collisional  cross section for Ps-atom/molecule collisions

Toshio Hyodo et al.

Low energy positron-methane scattering

  1. W.Tenfen et al.

Excitation rates for nuclear isomers in hot plasma and photon-plasmon transitions in positronium and astrophysical plasma

O.Yu. Khetselius et al.

Measurement of the photodetachment cross section of positronium negative ion

  1. K.Michishio et al.

Towards multi-photon ionization of Positronium: Ps formation in porous silica

S.L. Andersen et al.

Synthesis of Cold Antihydrogen in a Cusp Trap for Hyperfine Transition Experiments

Dan Murtagh et al.

AD-ELENA, The Low Energy Antiproton Facility at CERN

Gerard Tranquille et al.

How to find positrons in space

Ya.N. Istomin et al.

Possibilities of Positron Diagnostics for Research of Dust Space Plasma

E.P.Prokopev et al.

Simulation study of the 511 keV annihilation Line Observation with the Soft Gamma-ray Detector onboard ASTRO-H

Yuto Ichinohe et al.

Large-Volume Cadmium Zinc Telluride Detectors for Future Astrophysical Instrumentation

Michelle L. Galloway et al.

Proposal for a Laue lens tuned on the 511-keV annihilation line

  1. R.Camattari et al.

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