Christine Joblin

Research Scientist at CESR since 1995.
Director of Research (CNRS, 2007)


2005: Research habilitation – University of Toulouse III
“Physico-chimie des PAH et très petits grains interstellaires: observations et études
 en laboratoire”

1992: PhD in Astronomy & Astrophysics - University of Paris 7
 "Spectroscopie de molécules aromatiques. Test du modèle PAH en astrophysique"

1989: Master in Physics (option : astrophysics) - Universities of Paris 7 and 11

Awards 2001 : Young scientist prize of the French society of Astronomy and Astrophysics (SF2A)

Research topics

  1. Interdisciplinary study of the physics and chemistry of interstellar dust and molecules with special interest in polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). Approach combining astronomical observations and laboratory studies.

  2. Experience in laboratory techniques : Multi-wavelength spectroscopy from vacuum UV to far-IR in gas phase and in rare gas matrices – Mass spectrometry, ion trapping. Synchrotron radiation and laser beams

  3. Astronomical observations: Multi-wavelength spectroscopy. Spectro-imagery of photodissociation regions. Observations using space observatories and ground-based telescopes.

Current scientific responsibilities

  • Leader of the laboratory experiment PIRENEA, Piège à Ions pour la Recherche et l’Etude de Nouvelles Espèces Astrochimiques, an original set-up dedicated to the study of the photophysics and chemistry of macromolecules and nanograins in interstellar and circumstellar conditions.
    • The PIRENEA experiment
    • The ANR project GASPARIM
  • Co-Investigator of the heterodyne spectrometer HIFI of the ESA Herschel space observatory (launch 2009) . Special interest in the physics and chemistry of photodissociation regions and the science dedicated to carbon macromolecules (identification of these species using the deformation modes of the carbon skeleton in the far-IR).
  • PI of observational programmes with the Spitzer Space Telescope. Observations dedicated to the study of photodissociation regions
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  •   Leader of a "pluri-formation programme" (PPF) of Toulouse University and transverse scientific action of the Midi-Pyrénées Observatory, Molécules et grains : du laboratoire à l’Univers. 
    Cf. the PPF page

    Current research administration tasks

  • 2005-present :  Member (president since 2006) of the scientific council of the interdisciplinary national programme, Programme National de Physique et Chimie du Milieu Interstellaire (PCMI)

  • 2007-present :  Member of the national council of astronomy and astrophysics (CSAA) and the scientific council of INSU-CNRS


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    Invited conferences

    • Joblin C.,  Interstellar PAHs: the laboratory approach, The Chemical Cosmos: Understanding Chemistry in Astronomical Environments, Boppard (Germany), 26-29/04/2010
    • Joblin C.,  Interstellar polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons: from laboratory to astronomical models, Computational AstroChemistry - a New Era, London (UK), 6-7/01/2009
    • Joblin C.,  Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, evaporating very small grains and H2 in photodissociation regions, Elementary mechanisms of hydrogen/carbon-surface interactions, ARCHES workshop, Marseille (France), 27-28/10/2008
    • Joblin C., Berné O., Simon A., Mulas G., Laboratory studies of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons: the search for interstellar candidates, Cosmic dust – near and far, Heidelberg (Germany), 8-12 /09/2008 -
    • Joblin C., Large carbon molecules in space: the future of PAHs, Molecular Universe Research Training Network FP6 : Final Network Meeting, Boppard (Germany), 1-5/09/2008
    • Joblin C., The largest molecules and their role in space, The Molecular Universe: An International Meeting on the Physics and Chemistry of the Interstellar Medium, Arcachon (France), 5-8/05/2008
    • Joblin C., PAHs and carbonaceous nanograins : from astronomical observations to the laboratory, Atelier Grains 2007, Grenoble (France), 7-8/01/2008
    • Joblin C., H2/nanograins carbonés en astrophysique : aspects observationnels,  expérimentaux et théoriques, Adsorption, Réactivité et Contrôle de l’Hydrogène En interaction avec des Surfaces , Réunion plénière du GDR, Nouan le Fuzelier (France), 20-23/05/2007
    • Joblin C., Coupling between PAHs and H2 in photodissociation regions: observational and laboratory insights, Molecules in Space and Laboratory, Paris (France), 14-18/05/2007
    • Joblin C., Interstellar polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons : from space to the laboratory, ECAMP IX , Heraklion (Crete), 6-11/05/2007
    • Joblin C., Interstellar PAHs: recent progresses from space to the laboratory, Molecular Universe annual meeting and mid-term review, Perugia (Italy), 19-21/03/07
    • Joblin C., Large carbon molecules in space: a PAH in the sky …, SFB Colloquium in honour of Gisbert Winnewisser, Universität zu Köln (Germany), 7/10/06
    • Joblin C., Photophysics and Chemistry of PAHs and PAH clusters: from space to the laboratory, International workshop Carbon in space, Villa Vigoni (Italy), 22-25/05/06
    • Joblin C., Carbonaceous macromolecules,  Dust from fundamental studies to astronomical observations, Les Houches (France), 30/04-5/05/06
    • Joblin C., Addressing the physics and chemistry of very small particles with the Spitzer space telescope and laboratory studies,  Journées de la Société Française d’Astronomie et d’Astrophysique, Strasbourg (France), 27/06-1/07/05 
    • Joblin C., Interstellar Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons : Observational and Laboratory Insights,  60th International Symposium on Molecular Spectroscopy, Columbus (OH, USA), 20-24/06/05
    • Joblin C., Astrochemistry in ICR traps,  Interstellar Reactions: from Gas phase to Solids, Pillnitz (Germany), 5-9/06/05
    • Joblin C., Coupling between PAHs, very small carbonaceous grains and H2 in photodissociation regions. Observational and laboratory approach,  Astro-Chemistry from Laboratory to Telescope, Cardiff (UK), 6-7/01/05
    • Joblin C., Maillard J.P., Rapacioli M., Toublanc D., Boissel P., & Armengaud M., Frabel P., Couplage entre PAH, très petits grains carbonés et H2 dans les régions de photodissociation. Observations et études en laboratoire,  Physique des poussières durant l'évolution stellaire, Meudon (France), 14-15/10/04
    • Joblin C., Boissel P., Toublanc D., Rapacioli M., Nayral C., Bruneleau N., & Armengaud M., Frabel P., Interstellar macromolecules and nanograins. Observations and laboratory experiments,  8th European Conference on Atomic and Molecular Physics/ PAMO, Rennes (France), 6-10/7/04
    • Joblin C. & Maillard J. P., Chemistry and dynamics in photodissociation regions,  Dome C Astronomy/Astrophysics Meeting, Toulouse (France), 28-30/06/04
    • Joblin C., Systèmes moléculaires et nanoparticules en astrophysique,  Colloque du GdR Agrégation, Fragmentation et Thermodynamique des Systèmes Moléculaires Complexes Isolés, Paris (France), 14-16/06/04
    • Joblin C., Photophysics and Chemistry of Carbon Macromolecules of Astrophysical Interest,  1er Congreso Nacional de Astrofisica Molecular, Ciudad Real (Spain), 1-4/12/03
    • Joblin C., Carbon macromolecules in the cycle of interstellar matter: observational and laboratory insights,  Journées de la Société Française d’Astronomie et d’Astrophysique, Bordeaux (France), 16-20/06/03
    • Joblin C., Photophysics and Chemistry of Carbon Macromolecules in Ion Traps,  Gas Phase Formation and Destruction of Carbon Based Nanoparticles, St Jacut de la Mer (France), 28-30/01/03
    • Joblin C., What lies hidden in the ISO archive on solid-state dust features?,  Exploiting the ISO Data Archive. Infrared Astronomy in the Internet Age, Sigüenza (Spain), 24-27/06/02
    • Joblin C., Coupling between PAHs and hydrogen (H, H2) in the interstellar medium and in the laboratory,  Infrared Astronomy from Antartica, Boston (USA), 5-6/03/02
    • Joblin C., Boissel P., Spectroscopie de molécules aromatiques d’intérêt astrophysique,  CLIO "Applications et Perspectives", Orsay (France), 28/02/02
    • Joblin C., Photophysics of interstellar PAHs : from space to laboratory,  Traps and Interstellar Dust, Chemnitz (Germany), 6-8/07/01
    • Joblin C., HIFI preparatory work in the laboratory . Some insight…,  Herschel Science Preparatory Workshop, Leiden (The Netherlands), 22-24/10/01
    • Joblin C., Experimental Astrophysics: a new window on the Interstellar Matter,  Semaine de l’Astrophysique Française, Lyon (France), 28/05-1/06/01
    • Joblin C., Experiments on carbon-based macro-molecules,  The role of laboratory experiments in the characterisation of cosmic materials, ISSI Workshop, Bern (Switzerland), 2-8/05/00
    • Joblin C., Abergel A., Bregman J., d'Hendecourt L., Heras A., Jourdain de Muizon M., Pech C., and Tielens A.G.G.M., Spectroscopic diversity of the UIR bands as revealed by ISO. Towards a molecular carrier identification,  ISO beyond the peaks, The 2nd ISO workshop on analytical spectroscopy with SWS, LWS, PHT-S and CAM-CVF, Villafranca, Madrid (Spain), 2-4/02/00
    • Joblin C., Aromatic molecules in space and in laboratory,  International Workshop Devoted to Dark Matter in the Solar System, Meudon (France), 3-28/05/99
    • Joblin C., Which carriers for the unidentified IR emission bands ? Observations and Laboratory simulations,  Chemistry and Physics of Molecules and Grains in Space, University of Nottingham (UK), 15-17/04/98
    • Joblin C., Spectroscopie des PAHs,  Chimie Organométallique dans le  Milieu Interstellaire; Aspects spectroscopique, Ecole thématique du CNRS, Hendaye (France), 17-20/05/98

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